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    digitalpress, pushing the print boundaries

    Holt & Hart, the landmark building which is home to businesses and restaurants like MoVida, Cue Fashion and ASOS, briefed Good Citizens (Branding and PR collective) to create a campaign to sell 21 suites within the building.

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    NEW to Digitalpress My little Photobook

    ‘My Little Photobook’ is a joint venture between Sydney’s Digitalpress owner Theo Pettaras and Melbourne-based IT and prepress professional, Tim Lucke. Both are respected experts in their own fields.

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    Digitalpress Project // The Silver Invite

    Silver is one of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation’s signature events, now in it’s 14th year, held at Bennelong at the Opera House and hailed Party of the Week every year by Sun Herald since inception, was the kick-off party for the year’s social calendar in Sydney.

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    Digitalpress Project // IDEN Issue 2 Journal, 'Make'

    We are proud to have been involved in this great project and proud to have collaborated with Equilibrium Design.
    Here is some information reproduced with kind permission from Bec Paton.

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