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    The rise of B2B print media

    Discover why B2B is one of the few areas of publishing and marketing that’s on the up. (Clue: it’s all about trust)

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    The Coffee Cup Conundrum

    With over seven million cups going to landfill every day, having your daily coffee is turning into a serious environmental problem. So what’s the solution?

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    4 New Year’s resolutions for your business in 2019

    The year end is a natural time for planning, so why not write some goals for the year ahead? Here are 4 great resolutions to get your started – and tips on how to keep them…

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    What your branding says about your business

    The choices you make about style, tone, look and feel are the blueprint of your brand. Here’s how they reflect your business personality…

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    Bringing Print to Life: Beginning with Augmented Reality

    Print always has value. It communicates. It intrigues. It helps to tell a story. Sometimes, however, you want print to deliver more. Augmented Reality can meet that request by creating a link between print and other media to extend a story, add more information, or add some fun…

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    Your definitive guide to Greeting Card trends for 2018 / 2019

    When it comes to trends for Greeting Cards and Stationery, the playing field is always changing. If you’re a stationery designer, how do you know where to begin? We suggest here…

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    FEATURED PROJECT: Sydney Siege memorial boxed book

    The Sydney Siege memorial boxed book: Remembering Katrina and Tori, was designed and produced for The Department of Premier and Cabinet, is possibly one of the most important printing projects Digitalpress has embarked on…

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    This Paper Is Designed to Feed Bees

    The world’s bees are in danger. Pesticides, disease, and habitat and food source loss have caused bee populations to dwindle for years. To bring back these vital pollinators, one company is proposing an unusual solution: paper.

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    The Reason ‘Going Paperless’ May Not Be the Greenest Option

    Though it may seem counterintuitive, one of the most effective ways to protect forests is through responsible forest management; in other words, responsible and careful harvesting of trees to make forest products can serve conservation goals while contributing to a thriving local economy for forested regions. This is true for the forests that produce pulp for home and personal care products, like paper towels and tissues, as well as for timber products such as wood furniture…

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    Studies show that consumers enjoy reading magazine-like catalogues. That’s why they spend time engaging with them. In fact, the average time spent looking at a catalogue is 15.5 minutes and consumers tend to hold on to them for several weeks. Catalogues are also a strong customer retention tool since people are even more likely to read and keep catalogues from retailers they have bought from before.

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