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    This Paper Is Designed to Feed Bees

    The world’s bees are in danger. Pesticides, disease, and habitat and food source loss have caused bee populations to dwindle for years. To bring back these vital pollinators, one company is proposing an unusual solution: paper.

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    The Reason ‘Going Paperless’ May Not Be the Greenest Option

    Though it may seem counterintuitive, one of the most effective ways to protect forests is through responsible forest management; in other words, responsible and careful harvesting of trees to make forest products can serve conservation goals while contributing to a thriving local economy for forested regions. This is true for the forests that produce pulp for home and personal care products, like paper towels and tissues, as well as for timber products such as wood furniture…

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    Studies show that consumers enjoy reading magazine-like catalogues. That’s why they spend time engaging with them. In fact, the average time spent looking at a catalogue is 15.5 minutes and consumers tend to hold on to them for several weeks. Catalogues are also a strong customer retention tool since people are even more likely to read and keep catalogues from retailers they have bought from before.

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    The Surprising Power of Print Marketing to Leverage Your Ecommerce Site

    Imagine conducting your business entirely with handwritten communication. (Now shudder.) Digital is much more convenient, but print media can be essential in running a company that solely exists online. Though many people believe that print is on the way out, it’s still more effective than we realise.

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    PRINT 18 Chicago

    “I was fortunate enough to have won an all expenses trip thanks to the Konica Minolta Specialised Print Awards where our self-published book, a collaboration with Tim Jetis of A Cabinet of Wonder studio, “A Meeting of Words” took top prize”…

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    Theo Pettaras extremely proud to have been elected National Board member of the Printing Industries Association of Australia.

    “I think with my experience and enthusiasm, I can make a significant difference. I think I have a lot of contacts in the industry and I want to reach out to every one of them and tell them how important print is…”


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    Print, Politicians and International Print Day by Theo Pettaras

    This week I was invited to attend the Print 2 Parliament event held at Parliament House. With 60 Ministers in attendance it was like speed dating with politicians, but I LOVED IT! What a great opportunity to speak with our Federal Ministers about an industry I’m so passionate about…

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    The 10 commandments of print

    Juan Señor, President of global media consultancy Innovation Consulting, gives his ten pressing concerns for print…

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    Sustainable Forestry - THE FACTS

    To address the many misconceptions that print and paper are bad for the environment and lead to deforestation, we explore the issue of sustainable forest management…

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    Facebook Ads Replicate Print Catalogues

    The catalogue’s reign as a dominant force in marketing is over, but advertisers are still desperate to harness its power. And, Facebook has a new ad format intended to do just that.

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